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EVENTS Owner Rallies

    Photos Are In !!!
    Escape Fun Run A Success ...

      Playing In The "Escape Sand Pit"

      Here are some of the pictures from this year's first official Escape owner rally. It was the most fun to be had in months. Some of the discoveries we made and adventures we had are shown in these photos. Our off road adventures included jumping dirt mounds, avoiding fallen trees and venturing through pineland puddles. Our Escapes came through it all little muddier but showing themselves to be proudly capable.

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      to see more of the FunRun Escape pics!                

    The Location
      This Escape Owner Rally met on June 8th @ 9:30am at the Atsion Ranger Station on Rt206 an area in central New Jersey. Greyboy has made up an excellent Music Video to go with the pictures you see here. A link to this video is located toward the bottom of this owner events page. Our Fearless Leader, BEHR, did indeed provide a very well thought out day. He also made us all up some very nice Fun Run T-shirts!!!   Our hats are off to BEHR, and all who attended!!

      It was a total pleasure to meet, and get to know everyone. Additional local owner rallies are being planned now. For upcoming Escape FunRun and owner get togethers, please visit The Neighborhood.   Our Escape and Tribute owners use that area to post the latest info about locations being considered for future owner rallies.

    Getting Ready To Roll...
      We also really enjoyed the smiles, grins, waves, and head turning, from the peeps we passed by, out on the road, and in the pines !! And before I forget... THANK YOU Linda, for cooking all day !! And ALL the folks who brought the fine foods !! Crystal said She saw a BIG GRIN on My face ALL day, and this will surely be a Day I shall never forget !! I thank ALL for the Great Day !! I also want to thank FF1414 for His abilities to get gnats outta peoples eyes !! You Folks are now part of My Life, as I hope I am a part of Yours !! ~~Greyboy (James)


      The picture above is of Batsto River. Batsto River is located in the well preserved New Jersey pinelands which is where this Escape owner rally took place. "After lunch we stopped at Herman City, a Glass making works and town that went bust in 1873 after only 6 monthes. The grass in the area was very tall and wet. We saw a few ruins there and I bushwacked through the briar to see if I could find more." ~~Behr

      Hey, Did anyone manage to get that DIRT off their Escape yet? I just washed mine today using the Bucket method. 4 Buckets of soapy water, 3 buckets of clean water. Only managed to get about 80% of the DIRT off. Still in the rims, Wheel Well openings and undercarriage. I guess this will be my first visit to the local Car Wash. ~~EscapeMax

    Going The Distance
      I came from New York (10926 area) The drive to Exit 7 took me 2 hours with no stops the other 25 miles took me 45 minutes (I had to stop at a WaWa to get a birthday cake for RobtRoma and BEHR and pick up some gas at an other stop). For the whole trip down from NY the Fun-Run and trip back I got 17.4 MPG. Not bad considering the 'Run' was a little "gas using" and traffic going home was a bear (no pun intended ...... well ok a little one). ~~Doble Saulton


    Thanks For A Great Time
      I want to say THANK YOU to BEHR for the shirts (I forgot the other one) and to greyboy for the COOL door prize as seen with my little one holding it (see the funrun photo album above for a picture) I had a blast doing this and I thank all who attended for putting up with her she is a good kid but she was the only kid. I'm looking forward to the next one and maybe we can get more attendees. ~~Doble Saulton

      We got in late last nite... We went straight to bed... I had a FARKIN' BLAST !!! (Many of the pics are now up including the official FunRun Video!) ...gotta get coffee and take care of some business and be back to chat !!
      ~~greyboy (James)

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